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Thread: Classic Scenarios!

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    Classic Scenarios!

    Now that we have a confirmation of a scenario editor, as one of the *ahem* veterans here, I want to officially start up something I've been preparing for for quite some time now: remakes of the classic RCT scenarios. I have RCT1 and expansions (where scenarios have not been reproduced in RCT3) as a priority, with RCT2 possibly also in mind (if we can do UGC of park entrances, that will lock it in down the road and provide even more enhancing for classics where we had a single entrance), but anyone wanting to tackle anything from RCT3 is welcome to this as well.

    Back in 2004 or thereabouts, during RCT3's heyday, members of the community took to something near and dear to their hearts: recreating their favourite classic scenarios. Forest Frontiers, Dynamite Dunes, Trinity Islands (one of my favourites that I did), Millennium Mines, and the rest of the classic scenarios, in addition to many others from the expansions (I took primary interest in the first five from Loopy Landscapes, completing four of those among others). RCT2 even got a facelift in RCT3 and has its own section for all of its original scenarios (expansions have not been touched yet, and revisiting the Grand Canyon map would be an interesting one someday). A good portion of the work done in RCT3 can be found at a page set up by Mike Worley, and is located here at The RCT Vault, a side section to his main site (which is about music and not really connected in any way, and I don't even know a thing about the rest of the site LOL).

    I want to do something like that again now for RCTW. I already have text conversions of the original maps for at least ten scenarios, eight of which are original classics. Once the scenario editor is released, I'll be busily working on reconverting those conversions to get the base maps quickly made in RCTW's shiny new scenario editor. Anyone else who wants to join in this project doing the exact same thing, and then recreating the classic parks in those maps, is welcome to join in. I'd like to cover everything this time, not leaving any scenario unvisited. The UGC element will make it possible to recreate exact items that are missing in the core game (even trees if we are missing certain ones), so we have the best chance we've ever had to recreate fully some classic parks.

    If you want to join in this project, please post! I don't have any requirements other than to be faithful to classic scenarios and create them as accurately as you can in the game! Of course, until the time comes that we get the scenario editor, we're going to be limited to working in a fully owned sandbox, but it should be possible (I hope) to open those landscapes in the editor once we have it and make the changes needed to park ownership, ride selection, and such (of course, with newer rides being invented later on, as in after the time the mission would normally be completed). But the biggest part of the project for now will be pulling the data as accurately as possible; I use OpenRCT2 (for windowed mode, which RCT2 normally does not have) and drop land as I'm done noting it in my text conversion, and it works splendidly, but there may be trainers that do the job a lot easier that I don't know about. I want to learn more things myself by doing this, and I want to see if we can get all these classic scenarios made and campaigns (if we get to go that far) made so we can create our own storylines in these classic parks. This is a huge UGC element, and allows us to revisit over 100 classic scenarios between the two games and their expansions (not counting RCT3). Who's on board?
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    I have downloaded many of the classic scenarios. I would suggest though, as the first crossover when it comes up, Forest Frontiers for RCTW... Every iteration of RCT I think needs this premier scenario recreated for it.

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    I don't think I'd be able to help - really not good at these sort of things, but you definitely have my full support on this one. I have also downloaded every single classic scenario wherever possible, and will do so again!

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    I don't know how much I'll be able to help initially. I'd love to see Dynamite Dunes recreated.

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    I don't wanna be the one to say this but, eh, we need tunnels to do this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sawyer View Post
    I don't wanna be the one to say this but, eh, we need tunnels to do this.
    I know. For now, I'm avoiding anything to do with tunnels. That means Dynamite Dunes, while redoable in principle, would not have the coaster. Canary Mines, meanwhile (Corkscrew Follies), is converted but not doable without tunneling since the path goes underground the instant one enters the park, and there's a railroad going around there as well. For now I'm trying to avoid park maps with tunneling.

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