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    Never officially introduced myself.

    Been playing rct from the start and have recently discovered a new found love for rct3 (for the first time ever I'm experimenting with CS and it's increased the game's lifespan - at least for me - tenfold).

    I only wish there were other's still playing it, but I have about 9 threads in the rct3 forum... all with 0 replies.

    Looking forward to World and seeing if it's worth me upgrading my PC to play it.

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    Hey OurJud, welcome to the forums of RollerCoaster Tycoon! I wish you a great time with us!

    I have looked at some of your threads in the RCT3 subforum, and though I would be happy to help you, I do not have any experience with RCT3 and CS/UGC.

    I'm looking forward to RollerCoaster Tycoon World as well!

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    Hello & Welcome!

    Glad to see new faces and looking forward to seeing you in our streams!

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