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Thread: The Real Market for RCTW

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheMagicianThing View Post
    not really, they said you can animate/make things interactive. how else can you make your own peeps and other cool stuff :3
    Lol are you really believing everything they tell you? Matt also said they fixed a bunch of minor issues but the issues are still present.

    Don't believe all of their marketing talk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheMagicianThing View Post
    not really, they said you can animate/make things interactive. how else can you make your own peeps and other cool stuff :3
    You can probably animate it like they said. But how exactly is it possible to make the game see for example a UGC stall model as a proper stall acutally used a stall?? The AI would have to use the actual building and I dont see how there is any easy way to do that.
    Even worse with flat rides that are supposed to have all kinds of mechanics built in like excitement calculation, peeps sitting down in the right spots and reacting to intensity and so on.
    This is not something that will be easy to mod and might not even be possible at all unless Atari was smart enough to design the entire system around UGC to let modders program the actual behaviour.

    All it is going to be is decoration that most likely wont even have proper hit boxes/collision detection.

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    What is the point of buying a game, to rely on UGC to make the game better than it should have been made by the developers in the first place. Like previously said, you shouldn't have to replace coaster supports, because they look more like plumbing pipes from B&Q. Coaster stations that can't be altered. All these faults should already have been done by Nvizzio, not the community UGC. At least Frontier will have a game that looks realistic, with proper designed coasters and rides. Coaster stations that can be built to any length and theme style. Shops and stalls with proper counters, cash machines, and the like, that you can design to your hearts content. This is what the hard core gamer, wants from a game. Hard core Theme Park fans, want a game that is realistic looking, not something that has been cobbled together with no imagination of what real coasters and rides really look like. A game shouldn't have to rely on people doing something the developers should have done and that is release a game that has enough building pieces to make decent looking parks without just relying on people making stuff for it.

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    Is this the real RCT4? Is RCTW the continuation of RCT3. Maybe it is, from what we have seen so far, RCT3.75 and needs Dark Rides, Water Rides, Transport rides, more rides, to be the fourth iteration. Certainly it is far more so than RCTM ever was.

    But marketing to the great masses and not the specific community may truly have been the strategy all along.

    If I were to have not gotten to the Forums and heard the announcement or seen any hype until today. And then saw the UGC footage, and even the earlier this week aborted Coaster footage, I would be so in there!

    I would preorder.

    If on release Date I had not heard, I would look to steam and if over 60% liked the game with positive reviews, I would be purchasing. And if less I would turn to YouTube to see if it would let me build a park like before, or if there was a magic sentence in the 5 highlighted reviews that said, they enjoyed the game and had more than 50+ hours because of the scenarios, of fun!

    I think it is Adventure Park that everyone says is a dog and when it is 90% off worth maybe trying. If RCTW turned out to be below 50% in Steam rating then I would wait until RCTW went on sale for more than 50% from the release price. And by then maybe all the things I think it needs, like a LOG FLUME, will be in there.

    But I want value for my money. If I am a casual gamer who remembers the fun of playing RCT3 and the earlier versions from a decade ago, and see a spiffy trailer, in my 20s and 30s now and have disposalable income (which I dont have now at my age) then spending for this now, without knowing again about PC, I am in there.

    For me, the reason I became a Coaster Head kind of person, was not the release of RCT back in the day, since I was in my late 30s already, and with a mortgage disposable income was rare. I bought this game because within weeks, our community found that they could take their parks and showcase them on their own websites, fansites, across the internet. I had not seen any game do that, and I was pretty net savvy at that time. That led me to check the game out, and then buy it and become an expert at it. But if I casually came to it, I think from what we have seen, the game will be a success. I think perhaps it will be us aficionados that will be disappointed.

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    The fact that RCTW will have native support for some UGC in the beginning is great. In my honest opinion the best hardcore dedicated fans can hope for is that this game will see good acceptance from the casual community so that it is worthwhile for the developers and publishers to provide more tools for UGC so the UGC creators can get to work on doing what they always do which is add more realistic content for the hardcore fans.

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    I am looking forward to this more than I should be. The number of hours I've spent playing Roller Coaster (and Zoo) Tycoon are too many already, and this will only add to it.

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