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Thread: Q2 Release

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    Q2 Release

    Hi all, I (Like Yourself) can't wait for the game to be released. I've been trying to work out when the game will be released, and I have guessed a date that has managed my expectations.

    The first Release Date was announced 2 Months and 11 Days before Dec 10. This means that they may announce the Date 2 Months before the next release date. This eliminates a Q1 Release, which we all know by now.

    The Game, as it stands at the moment, is set for an early 2016 release, so it should be released in the first 2 Quarters of this year, which means in June at the latest.

    Last Time they gave details hinting a release about a month before releasing a date. At the moment we are waiting a month at a time for Each Dev Blog. So let's say the next Dev blog is in 3 weeks time and has a video and says the next release date will be announced shortly. Then a week later the release is announced. That would give us roughly 3 Months, landing us in June 2016

    The Month of June is the end of Q3. For this reason I say it is inevitable that the Game will be released then. I believe it will be released on the last Friday of June (The 24th). This is because it is likely to take longer for a release date Dev blog to come than a month, but also this is when US Schools break out, so it would be perfect timing to catch a bump in sales

    I know this is speculative but some may find it interesting. If anyone else can narrow the date with more info I would be grateful
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