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Thread: End of a chain lift staircase.

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    Talking End of a chain lift staircase.

    Hi there, so first of all, I love the new staircase at the chainlift, but just one little thing. At the end, it just stops, while normally there is this end piece, just a fence (And sometimes a little box with a start/stop button to start/stop the coaster from the top, would be a great detail to!) or extendable fence for hanging coasters. This would be a cool little detail. Maybe an idea?

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    I agree with this. I think it should be thought over, and improvised to what coasters in real life are like. Or, players could edit it to how long the stair case goes, where it is, and what side of the track they want it on (even both!). This is a really good idea that Mattlab should look at, and keep up with the good work Nvizzio, Atari, and everyone else!

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    Good idea. I think so as well

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