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Thread: A hello from a South African RCT Fanatic

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    A hello from a South African RCT Fanatic

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm a 37 year old South African male, ever since discovering RCT3 a few years ago I've been hooked on it however never really got into downloading CS/CFR's etc or making my own content and so generally made stuff using the default items, for some reason recently I decided to go back to playing RCT3 and have taken interest in creating my own content

    Due to the fact that I'm a newcomer on the scene, I've not got all of the vital tools required for creating content and so are desperately looking for a copy of Jon Wil's RCT3 importer that I can properly setup my cs folders or at least some info on how to go about doing this as I see my cs items however no folders with my work are located within my RCT3 installation anywhere and that i'm starting to get very confused as to where these folders and files are being stored...

    I appeal to anyone with Jon Wil's importer to please if you don't mind letting me have a copy, as I can't seem to find a working download for it anywhere...

    anyway I hope to hear back from anyone regarding this matter soon

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    Hi Mryddin, welcome to the RCT forum. Enjoy your time with us!

    I hope someone can help you with the importer tool you are asking for. Unfortunately I do not know anything about it.

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