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Thread: Check Out This New Screenshot!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zerael View Post
    404 ground texture not found
    just like this one
    I hope that ride is still in the game . but the new screen shot nookriot posted looks epic I can't wait to play the game

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    Thanks NookRiot for the new screenshot. Western is looking nice, and it has a nice ambience during the night with all of those lights. I especially like the western lamp posts.

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    Nice! I agree regarding the sand texture though. I'm glad to see there are a few more peeps here than in the last few shots.

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    Awesome shot here! This one really shows progress: Nice textures, scaling issues seem resolved and this shot shows a lot more decoration than just vegetation as previous shots did. Really happy with that, limited scenery items was one of the things I was getting afraid of. Peeps, although scaled a lot better, still seem a little bit clunky or unoptimized, but I'll consider that a work-in progress.

    Definately looking forward to see more stuff like this

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    Nice evening effect

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    This screenshot is awesome! The scaling already looks better and the peeps look in general a lot better! The only thing that I don't like is the texture of the ground but we have already seen some other textures that look fine so that is not much of a worry.

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    King Kong was ditched a few developers ago, but then there is always UGC...

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    As has been mentioned by a few, screenshots can only reveal so much. How it plays in-game is another thing entirely so am interested to see a video or two in the coming weeks.

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    can't you provide us a short movie ingame ? nice looking screenshot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sawyer View Post
    Can we please see a video? Please show us, we like photos but we're bored. We want game play!!!
    This. Screenshots are nice but it really is about time we actually saw something of the gameplay and had some proper news.

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