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Thread: Check Out This New Screenshot!

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    Check Out This New Screenshot!

    Greetings Fellow Tycoons!

    First and foremost, we hope everyone had a splendid weekend! Secondly, we just wanted to drop by to kick off the week with another screenshot for your viewing pleasure. Changing the theme to a western on this one! Check out a park called "Outlaw Canyon". Cheers!

    Community Manager - Atari
    Team RollerCoaster Tycoon World

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    (Just filling this in to meet 10 character requirement)

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    Thank You Nookriot!

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    I think it looks quite nice! I like the lighting. I especially like the fact that the supports on the woodie ACTUALLY support the track and don't seem to have many places where they aren't attached to it. Cacti look nice, as do the covered wagons. The queue fence here is MUCH better, it's scaled properly to the peeps. I'm wondering about it's placement, there seem to be a number of gaps on one side and extra posts on the other...I presume that's to follow the curved queue?

    The desert rockwork looks good, I hope that they'll also include a matching ground/cliff texture to blend it all together, the 'sand' texture seems a little dull.

    Overall, looks really good.

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    Looks nice !!

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    Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 5.43.24 PM.jpg

    This peep get to represent my feelings of this shot.

    Supports on the wooden coaster looks nice. That's about the only positive thing I can say at the moment.

    Edit: the texture of the rocks looks good too.

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    :/ So this is the second Park, that looks good on Shots.. and you took the time to arrange the Camera to fit the Lights, the Time, the View..etc
    But you couldn't find the time to take a Video of that? o.O

    Don't get me wrong - The Progress since the first Beta is really good and it looks better and better..
    It's just... you can't say anything about the action, when looking at photographies.. you need to see it as a movie with all the explosions and stunts..
    So.. the 1000th Screenshot can't replace a video, even if it's only a few seconds long!
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    Yayyy western! Good job team I wanna play now.

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    Nook (can we call u this way? LOL) can't u give us a video? Just few seconds of showing the park... Maybe a POV...

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