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Thread: Atari/RCTW - sound familiar?

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    Atari/RCTW - sound familiar?

    "The bosses believed that as long as we put anything out the door with ET's name on it would sell millions and millions," he says.

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    Nah, I can tell there is at least a few people on the RCTW team who care about the game (though maybe not enough people). Otherwise it wouldn't have been delayed in the first place. In fact, the Area 52 version of the game would probably be out by now, maybe even ported to mobile devices as well, since phones could easily handle that game we saw in the trailer a year ago.

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    I have no doubt that the problem with RCTW (and all of Atari's recent games) are the bosses and stakeholders. It should be quite clear to anyone that the budget isn't that big and there's a desire to get this game out ASAP as opposed to when it's ready. If it wasn't for the negative reaction to the Area 52 trailer and the beta, I firmly believe this game would have already been released despite being unfinished just to cash in.

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