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Thread: Manual Ride Controls

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stefan View Post
    When I build a ride I want to see it evolve, I want to evaluate the interaction with the ride. If needed I will change the ride experience until it is perfect. Small changes in ride operations can be the difference between an almost empty train and a full train. I never just set some settings and then forget about it. Yes, I can shift my attention to new rides but the actual daily operations of existing rides are just as important to me.
    exactly what kind of daily operations are you wanting to interact with? we can already set up our coasters and flats to exactly how fast/long/high/low etc. that we want. I'm just not exactly what you are wanting to interact with? you think playing with a virtual coasters control panels for hours is a necessary mechanic to be added to the game? I do it in real life for minimum wage and i promise its a novelty that will get boring quickly.

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    I would really like to be able to make rides go backwards if possible.
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    I, in my opinion, would like to control whether coaster launch forwards or backwards .(regardless of their type) Also I see where people are coming from with the manual operation side of things. Maybe there could be an option where you can control it manually if you click on the 'Control Manually' button. Other than that, rides should operate automatically otherwise its too hard to manage all of them at once.

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    i love this so much i would love to start and stop a ride

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    A small dispatch console (go/stop) menu would be fun to control prior to riding a coaster in first person POV.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eliminarth View Post
    I personally would never get to use that function. There is so much other stuff to do in the park.

    I agree..
    There is no way I'll be able to keep track of every ride in the park.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rogue View Post

    I agree..
    There is no way I'll be able to keep track of every ride in the park.
    Well, I'm open to the idea, unlikely it'll ever be used. Anyways, if it was added, I'm sure there would be a disable/enable.

    Btw guys, if you want Manual Control on rollercoasters, NL2's your game.

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