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Thread: Your App Programers Suck!

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    Your App Programers Suck!

    Once again, I installed the new version of RCT4 on my iPad and NOTHING works. I crashed the game 3 times in less than 5 minutes and none of the new features work. Plus, buildings still disappear. You people need to fire your programmers or give up. The game sucks. I keep expecting your updates will fix bugs and add new features, but this is never the case. I am so disappointed once again. You people have no clue how to create apps or develop good games. I am equally shocked at Apple for allowing you to publish this app on their App Store. I thought they had standards.

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    Are you sure it's not somehow just your device? I've been playing for a while, and the game has been running smoothly with no glitches whatsoever.
    For an iPad game (And with the knowledge that RCTW is coming out soon) I don't think it's such a bad game as some people make it out to be, albeit it was a mistake for them to ask people to pay for it, and then use in-game purchases too when it was first released.

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    A bit harsh, but after hearing horror stories over RCT4Mobile, I'm moreso relieved.

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    Mine crashes every 3 min. and my ipad is brand new. It does SuCk!!

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    Please make sure you have the latest update installed for your device (Version 1.4.0).

    Thank you for playing!

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