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Thread: Nostalgia Thread

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    Leafy Lake was the first scenario i've played back in the day. It was great because you could loan a big amount of money and thus expand really quickly.

    Diamond Heights was the park that inspired to build crazy coaster. I really liked the pre-build ones and I remember watching guests ride it for hours.

    But my all-time favroite park is without any doubt Arid Heights, because it was the only scenario that truly acted as a "sandbox". It is the only scenario that I have played beyond year 20.

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    I always made sure i did Scenery with ride building in my parks so it looked nice. You don't know the little programing Chris Sawyer did to make the guests actually smart in a way, every little thing bothers guests. Like not mowing the grass causes loss in rating because it makes guests think you don't care.

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    seeing this thread is makeing me want play rct1 again (and i am) and it fees odd but good

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    RCTGL and Save Game Modifier.

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