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Thread: Nostalgia Thread

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    Nostalgia Thread

    I still remember 12yearold me playing RCT for hours on end. Arid Heights was the go-to map.

    Such a great game.

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    My fav map to play was Diamond Heights. Came with those 2 awesome coasters.

    I remember spending a few hours converting it to RCT2. Was well worth it.

    I'm really hoping RCTW recaptures that awesomeness.

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    Roller Coaster Tycoon was a major part of my childhood. It's easily the first game I was ever truly was addicted to, and I still remember being around 5 years old, and being so excited that the Log Flume was finally going to be researched so I could build on in my park. I was terrible at completing the scenarios, but the gameplay and sandbox capabilities kept me playing at it all this time.

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    RCT was the game of my childhood for sure. My favorite park was Dynamite Dunes. Now I've high hopes with RCTW so please ATARI do it well.

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    This game will forever go down in history as the one that changed the PC gaming world! I would be so addicted to this game that I would sneak to play it even while I was on punishment from my mother hahah!!! Awesome times.

    But yes Diamond Heights as well as Dynamite Dunes were my two favorite ones! I loved that unique dueling coaster in Diamond Heights and the VERY elaborate train coaster in Dynamite Dunes. Absolutely amazing!

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    This is still my favorite game in the series. The scenarios are so much fun!

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    Arid Heights, Diamond Heights, and Leafy Lake were my jam! I still boot up RCT1 and revel in the nostalgia. It was a simpler age of gaming, one where the games worked reliably.

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    My favourite to play was Mothball Mountain - because it was such a pesky little park.
    But my favourite park considering pre-built rides and scenery - definitely Diamond Heights. Though Katie's World is also nice.

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    I always loved Diamond Heights, in fact I named my neighborhoods in The Sims after it.

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    Some reason I always play forest frontiers. I believe that the name. That computer is probably dead. It run windows 98 se.

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