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Thread: Park Rating for Friends Parks

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    Park Rating for Friends Parks

    I just thought it would be cool to have something within the game, similar to Yelp or TripAdvisor, where we could view other players reviews of someone's park, write a review, rate the park from 1-5 stars, but also rate different things like
    Individual rides
    Attraction variety (big rides, family rides, kids rides) and availability (how well things are maintained)
    Crowd control (how efficient the park runs, such as how busy pathways are, and how quickly the queues move)
    Organization (can you get around without having to turn around and try for a different route)
    And I think these factors should all add or take Away from the park rating, popularity, and value.
    What do you think? There's probably already a thread about this. Oh well.

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    I'll take that as a no? Lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lohansony View Post
    I'll take that as a no? Lol.
    lol. I think there is a thread on this somewhere 'round these parts. I'll see if I can find it. '
    This sounds like a good idea to me!

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    This idea is really cool! This would be great for when multiplayer mode comes out for the game.

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    This is a great idea.

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