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Thread: Parades! Meet and Greets!

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    Red face Parades! Meet and Greets!

    I know I am not the only one who likes the more Entertainment aspects of RollerCoaster Tycoon. I would love to see us have the ability to be able to customize our one parade, lay out a route, and mix music like we would do in RCT3 in MixMaster. Peeps could line up along the roads and watch the parade and it could raise their happiness.

    I think meet and greets would be a great addition to this game as well, Peeps could pay to take pictures in the park with an Entertainer, like PhotoPass almost!

    If you want to add onto this please don't hesitate to comment.

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    aww yes, yes yes id loove to see parades on the new rctw

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    Meet and greets would be interesting, though it seems like a form of that will be available anyway due to the hype they seem to be giving for the in-game characters and how they will be integrated into the themes.
    I'm not too sure parades would work however.. Since the path system is still grid based (At least it seems that way) I'd imagine parade routes would look very oddly scaled and unrealistic.

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    This would be great if they could do that, but for a parade I hope they could make it so that they can make it that you can change the look of the floats. Also the size of the parade, but it would be great if this idea would

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    I loved how they had better interactions in RTC3, but it'd be more fun if people posed and talked more intimately with the mascots/characters/entertainers instead of just crowding and looking at them from a distance. Maybe there could even a photographer you could have on your staff and then sell photos from a kiosk/store/stand.

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    Make it happen!

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    I love this. These ideas would be awesome to have in the game!

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