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Thread: Dev Blog #29 Pre-Discussion

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    Post Dev Blog #29 Pre-Discussion

    What do you want to see next? What do you expect to see next? Leave a comment below.

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    I want a actual beta right now this month, with the actual build! Anything else is a liar, or prepared. I want with my own eyes test all the things that should be improved!

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    i agree i hope they come up with a beta date soon

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    I think i'ts their last chance to save the game.
    People bored and go to "the other one".

    So if it's a riculous annonce like the ridiculous vieo of a spinning flat ride, it will be desastrous.
    Big annonce or Big fail

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    more troika

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    I would like to see an in-game live stream that will show the management part and the guest AI and animations of the game. I'm really looking forward to that. The game graphics look a lot better than before, but management and guest AI and animation is equally important to me.

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    I'm sorry to be so radical, but time has passed by really quick and we still know very little about too many things, anything that's not a livestream before the end of the next week, or an announcement of the beta period for sometime before the 7th of february will be a big disappointing to me...

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    A stream is the minimum. The stream must include the management aspect. I loose my trust that they have even worked on this yet! Honest! Release in december and some improvement in the coaster builder as reason to reschedule the release?! The game has not even been close to release! To show some flat rides and the coaster builder is nice but not enough in this stage. The arguments about silence because of the marketing were a little thin.

    A good thing would be if they give some transparency about fow far the game is now. How ready are the peeps (not only the models but the behavior) and how far is the tycoon aspect of the game is. I donīt care if we wonīt get details but I really want to know in which stage this game REALLY is without blending and hiding ehind empty words.

    The maximum would be if we here that they are sorry for the communication until now and the forum policy of deleting unpleasent posts. I think we canīt expect that much but it would show some character.. which I missed in the last month to be honest. A beta that proofs the progress in the next three weeks would make most things fine again I guess.

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    So it looks like people have two main expectations:

    > They want to see real in-game videos... no more static screenshots! They want to see how things are working in motion!
    > Management... we've seen nothing on this yet!

    I would love to see more on the partnership with Six Flags, but I know it's just me!

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    Quote Originally Posted by OTR24 View Post
    What do you want to see next?
    I would like to see a stream where they display the game in its current entirety warts and all and discuss in depth the management side of the game and show any extra features that have been added.
    They would discuss where they stand on the roadmap explaining what still is getting worked on and what other aspects of the game may get altered.
    Finally the stream would end with a hint of couple of rough or confimed dates one for the next public preview version in early-mid feb and one for the expected release date in march-april.

    Quote Originally Posted by OTR24 View Post
    What do you expect to see next?
    More of the same stuff I have already seen or nothing at all, my expectations of Atari devblogs is pretty low.
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