I am on RTC 4 mobile stuck at level 6. My XP is 51000 and it is taking forever to fill up the bar to move on the level 7 and unlock the next goal.

On youtube videos other user at level 6 have XP at 5000+ only.

Why is my XP so high at such a low level (level 6?)

It is taking forever to collect coins from all the businesses to accumulate the XP. I have been opening the game everyday for last 1 week but the XP is impossible to fill up.

I am too high XP at too low a stage.

I was stupid enough to pay real $ for the 2Million coin pkg is this the reason my XP is too high and I am stuck now???

How do I move on the next goal which is "built a daycare centre" but available in level 7 only?

I do not want to spend my next 3 months collecting coins only after paying real money for 2million coins.

Thank you.