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Thread: Negative forum thread's

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    Quote Originally Posted by shirty View Post
    Same here last few days I have taken to not getting involved with the constant RCTW + PC compares, ranting about PC has this or that and Atari should learn from frontier.
    Its getting to be like a broken record and rather than feed it and become part of the problem, meh to them.
    I am still keeping a close eye on the place but I am not getting involved with the cycle of complaints that have already been stated 100s of times.
    Only time will tell whether the complaints and compares were ever worth making over and over again.

    Keep up the work dev team! Just ignore the negativity and crack on making RCTW a friendly and fun experience.
    In several months time I think those RCTW frowns will be upside-down and this forum will be full of people showing off their parks that they are proud to have created.
    Until then I will only chip in if I feel the discussion is worth speaking about

    Well, same here. I feel the continuous negativity is making me tired. While I visit the forum multiple times a day, my motivation to post reply's is getting lower. Though I do want to say that ultimately my comments are, at least in my desire, ment to 'try' to advise to make things better. I will say it again: I wish RollerCoaster Tycoon World to be a great game, and I know that the development team is doing an amazing job and works very hard to get just that to us. I hope that this will come true, that in a few months players start to proudly share their beautiful creations with RCTW!

    Atari, Mattlab, the team at Nvizzio, I wish you all well!

    Edit: this counts for all forum members too!
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    People do, believe it or not, want the game to be good. If nobody admits the flaws of the game it will never be fixed because they will see they don't need to put effort and money in to satisfy the market. If Atari and you don't want negative discussions, they should fix the game (and I honestly hope they do).

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    340 know what? It takes two to tango.

    Start posting up pictures and videos of good things! Start discussions about the positive things you find in RCTW!

    Quite frankly, I tried.


    But when you only get ONE reply to something you took a good deal of time to create, it is VERY disheartening. And it doesn't make you want to share more.

    So, "positive peeps", pony up!
    Money where your mouth is!!

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    So, a highly anticipated and much loved franchise has been dragged through the mud in the name of money, and you sit here complaining about being "tired" of the the negativity? Ah diddums. Do you know how pathetic that sounds?

    You know what I'm sick of? The facilitators, the enablers. The ones who covers their ears and shout "EVERYTHING IS OK!!" You're the reason nothing changes. You're the reason companies like Atari can get away with peddling this bollocks. You're the reason why any and every complaint get drowned in a sea of cheery optimism and you're the reason why this game, a game we ALL looked forward to, is going to crash and burn.

    Well done chaps.

    You're lucky some of us broken records still post, because I'm telling you now. It would be a hell of a lonely place without us.

    Edit: I always knew this was an old thread....but my comment still there!
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