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Thread: Evolution of the community goes backwards !!

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    Has nothing to do with the community, the coaster editor was half done and precise building was not really possible (a lot of stuff has been half done in this game so far though)

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    this is what we wanted

    this is what they gave us

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    I'd like to see in the next Video Presentation a Coaster made with a mix, do it slower than we have seen the previous versions of making a coaster which all seemed really done quickly.

    Maybe even plan to do the presentation as the video tutorial that they want everyone once they get the game to reference. When is it best to do piece by piece, when should one do spline based (would you change the terrain a bit so it isn't flat and would that make it better to showcase this, a mixture of both. So far they make coasters on just flat land and I don't think any us will be doing that.) What about the specialty items? Have they made all the types of specialty track we used to have access to?

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