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Thread: Hi RCT fans!

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    Smile Hi RCT fans!

    I just joined this website yesterday. I've been following along with RCTW since it was first announced. At first I just wore a fake smile about the game. Yesterday I made this account solely so I could put my input on the game. Matt seems to put emphasis in reading our comments and threads so I thought maybe my voice and others could be heard to get the game we want. Anyways, RCTW looks pretty good right now, and it can only get better from here... Hopefully. Unless they pull something like going back to Area 52.

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    Welcome to the forum!

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    Hi! Welcome to the RCT Forum! I wish you a great time over here!

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    Welcome to the forums

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    HCD8LG - In rct4 please add me I am from Kathmandu Nepal land of Himalayas

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    Welcome! Hope to see you around!

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