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Thread: The Coaster Editor Is Acceptable

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    The Coaster Editor Is Acceptable

    I've seen the December 18 live stream, and I am happy with the new coaster editor.

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    Related: See also "Further Coaster Editor Improvements"

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    I agree I think they did a good job responding to the 1st beta. I like what I saw today. Being able to build the coaster like in RCT3 and then go back and fine tune the nodes after is a win win.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Stig View Post
    Related: See also "Further Coaster Editor Improvements"
    In the stream they said they were still taking suggestions so I made that thread as a one stop shop for our ideas. I voted "agree" as I believe the coaster editor is in a good state as I saw it in the livestream and from what I remember of the beta. I do wish for finer controls and heartlining but until then this is a good coaster editor. I found the ease of controls over the nodes especially appealing, it may not give me the finer controls like that of No Limits but it made it much more immediate and user friendly. Both of which are qualities I'm glad they are striving for!

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    Overall I was very impressed with the new system. Just need some tweaking.

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    my personal opinion says they did a good job,i didnt have a major problem with it in the beta once i got used to it but do like the being able to switch free form and piece by piece.However watching someone who is involved in the development should be able to make it look easy doest mean everyone will pick up on it.I dont think by the looks of it anyone will have problems but just never know i guess,all in all im happy with what i saw and looking forward to a couple weeks for the next live vid

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    The Editor itself seems to work well. Perhaps a little final polish and it should work great. Most of my objections were to the LOOKS of the coasters (clunky and not smooth...) but the Editor itself seemed to do everything required.

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    how the hell could you think it is acceptable? you cant even built straight, and coaster lifts should be straight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coasterfan View Post
    how the hell could you think it is acceptable? you cant even built straight, and coaster lifts should be straight.
    I think that you came a bit late to the party, you need to catch up. You do can build straight tracks with the new editor.

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    You can build straight now, and very easily too. That's a great improvement. However, it still looks like a joyless, frustrating chore to make a smooth, decent looking coaster. Just watch Steve ,who's great, try to make a cobra roll. The pre-defined loops looked and rode horrifically so it makes me wonder if all the prefab elements are that bad. Did the devs bother to look at any real life coasters to get an inkling of how it should be shaped. A simple loop for Gods sake. RCT3's loops were shaped beautifully so how can the same franchise, 11 years later, get the most basic element so wrong?

    The tracks still don't look anywhere near as good as they did in the last game so where will the enjoyment be riding your creation with rough transitions and ugly looking track. we cant make a silk purse out of a pigs ear as the old saying goes.

    So, if they're charging a premium price for this supposed premium title, I would at least expect premium quality so we have to ask ourselves this question;-

    The Coaster Editor Is Acceptable. Is it?

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