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Thread: Co-op, Water Park, Animal Park, Etc.

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    Co-op, Water Park, Animal Park, Etc.

    I personally think that it would be nice to work on the same park as another person Co-op. I have always wished that I could build a park with one of my friends without him being physically next to me. I also would like to have a water park and zoo much like in Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 Platinum. One last request would be to be able to have MUCH larger parks (not by default (may use more VRAM)) but I have always wanted to make a super park. I haven't seen any signs of staff such as maintenance or janitors, I really hope that they are not gone. What could one love more than entering "make me sick" as someone's name in RCT3 and having everyone throwup.

    Also are there going to be transportation rides? I might have missed them.

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    all these have been discussed,originally they had plans for coop but i believe they have scrapped that at least it wont be at launch,water and zoos not at launch,watch the streams it was told water parks will be later date as it is more complex ,zoos not confirmed but maybe a dlc later on,rctw will have a larger park compared to any of the other rct series.Yes there are maintenance etc ,it also has been brought up about making names for certain codes etc but this is something else that the devs have not talked about or confirmed.They did say however that thru steam and the ugc that u can create peeps ,even ur ownself and add it to ur park

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