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Thread: Coaster Wars!

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    Cool Coaster Wars!

    Every Theme Park fan has his/her favorite rollercoaster that they defend at all costs. The RCT Community comes from around the globe, so surely we should be able to get an opinion from everywhere on the best coaster on the planet! Whether you're a fan of woodies or stratacoasters, be ready to defend your entry. Make sure you have "evidence" that your thrill machine trumps all others. It can be from ANY park, ANY country, and ANY continent!

    Which coaster dominates the competition? Can you prove its supremacy?

    My entry:
    The Incredible Hulk

    The Incredible Hulk is located at Islands of Adventure in Orlando Florida. It's a B&M and it sure packs a punch! What sets it apart is the 40 mph launch system on the lift hill. From there, you'll experience extreme speeds and multiple inversions. Not only is this a great coaster, but it's extensively themed, which is personally one of the most important element of a ride. You enter through Marvel Superhero Island, which is complemented by special paint on all the buildings to make it look like your inside a comic book. You can hear the roar of the Hulk from the hollowed out supports. It is truly an amazing ride!

    Tell us your favorite coaster and why in order to prove it's supremacy!

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    My entry:
    The Dragon Coaster

    Well duh. It's a classic, and everybody and their grandmother has been on one of these bad boys at some traveling fair or another. It's the closest thing you'll get to riding a long, skinny dragon slowly 10 feet above the ground, and it's a great primer to the world of roller coasters.

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    My Entry

    Wicked Cyclone


    "Riders experience a smoother, faster and more intense ride along the 3,320 feet of track on Wicked Cyclone. The intense Hybrid coaster integrating both wood and steel stands 10 stories in the sky and reaches maximum speeds of up to 55 mph.Once the twenty-four thrill seekers board Wicked Cyclone, it quickly climbs the 109-foot hill to then plummet at maximum speeds while providing riders with weightlessness and a truly wicked ride.
    Wicked Cyclone is the first coaster of its kind to have a 200-degree stall and two Zero-G Rolls. Riders also experience more airtime than any other coaster in New England on Wicked Cyclone.
    Facts: Wicked Cyclone

    • 3,320 feet of track
    • 10 stories
    • Speeds of up to 55 mph
    • 24 seats climbs the 109 foot hill
    • First coaster of its kind to have a hang-time inversion and two Zero G Rolls

    - See more at: "
    ^ Six Flags New England Website Post ^

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    How about one with The biggest vertical loop ever.(With a Top Hat over it no less.)

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    It has to be Nemesis at Alton Towers for me. An absolutely iconic coaster that was wise beyond its years in 1994 when it opened. It is built down into a series of trenches due to Alton Towers having a height restriction preventing them from building above tree level, meaning that riders get a fast paced, ground hugging experience. Nemesis also provides a remarkably forceful experience and has a sequence of elements like no other coaster before or since (drop, corkscrew, helix, zero-g roll, stall turn, loop, stall turn, corkscrew). This coaster really is the pinnacle of John Wardley and B&M's ingenuity, while most of their other coasters follow the same generic sequence of elements.

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