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Thread: Community Fun -- What will you do in RCTW?

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    Play the scenarios/campaigns. It is my favorite part of the game series. I hope for many.

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    Granted the files in the beta1 are not to be taken as final but the scenarios listed in it didn't really catch my attention.
    But then you cant get much information from just a tag line so who knows what they will entail.
    I do wonder about the campaign though, how will one park advance off another? Will there be some kind of tropico style storyline that ties everything together as you grow a theme park franchise across the world?
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    I've grown up playing Tropico series, I've played all of them except from Tropico 5 (i refuse to buy it ultil they release a complete pack), and the champaign was hilarious.

    Well i think that means the ones of us who are still in here is because we love tycoon-like games... xD

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    Tycoon games were my childhood.

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    I'll break my record
    I want to earn 840,000 $

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