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Thread: Community Fun -- What will you do in RCTW?

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    Talking Community Fun -- What will you do in RCTW?


    Just take a look back at RCT3 and think of all the different things people used to do in the community. Some focused on creating their own custom scenery, some started their own coaster building clubs and worked on projects together, others focused on documenting their park and sharing videos of their creations.

    There are so many things we can do with an RCT game that are not necessarily features of the game, but features that come with the community itself!

    I'd love to download other people's parks and be a 'park inspector', livstreaming my own critique of people's parks, allowing the audience to submit their parks too.

    I also plan on livstreaming and documenting my own park's progress, going from the back story of the park all the way up to placing my last coaster, all dictated by the chat, whilst giving tips and tricks along the way to help people improve at the game.

    That's one of the best things about RCT, you do what you want with the game, you can create your own goals and projects. That is really what makes me so passionate about the RCT community, I really look forward to seeing what everyone else is doing!

    Ultimately, the RCT community contributes greatly to the logetivity of the game.

    There are so many possibilities for community fun in a game like RCTW. What are you looking forward to doing most?
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