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Thread: Underground build?

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    Underground build?

    I've created a roller coaster that is in parts underground.
    Having saved it I want to use it in another scenario, but I can no longer get the parts underground, that were underground before.
    Instead the entire roller coaster is raised, to keep everything above ground. It doens't matter if I raise land, to make room.
    I tried to delete my RC after I'd made it and then plop it onto the exact same spot, but all that happened was that it was raised above ground to fit.

    Anyone knows what to do?

    This is RCT2


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    I have the same problem and believe I asked this question aswell elsewhere. No one seem to know or are all too busy focusing on RCT3 and RCT World to look in RCT1&2 forums anymore. Sad thing to say. Maybe in World they will have addressed this issue, if you want to use a coaster from one park to another and it's also partly underground.

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    Unfortunately there is nothing that can be done about it. I have ran into that same problem Many times. Also prebuilding Coasters in the coaster designer ending up "Too High for Supports" when I try to place them in parks and the land is not all level. Maybe in "World" they will address this issue.

    Tho I tend only to use prebuilts (even ones I built) to quickly get through a scenario I have already cleared before after all my saved games were lost/won't load.

    About the only thing you could do is place the whole thing under ground using the SHIFT key. It will actually raise the coasters ratings, make it more exciting.

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    I think you can do nothing to solve this problem directly.... I will tell you what I do in this situations (though it's boring and a waste of time...):

    you must lower the ground where the coaster is underground, so the coaster fits like before in the terrain, but with the ground below... then, I edit the coaster and delete the parts that used to be undergound, so now you can push the ground up and rebuild the track undergound.

    It's the only soultion I found, I hope this helps.

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