I have started to pull together and construct the maps for various scenarios from RCT1 using the RCT2 editor, to later convert the scenario maps to RCT World (an SV6 reader would be nice, but meh).

While working on the map for Trinity Islands, one of the maps I converted and used in RCT3, I suddenly ran into an error. Upon closer inspection, I learned what the error was: it was telling me I needed more money to remove more water, or trees, or so on. This falls into the bugs category IMO, as even if I go to check "no money", the game still attempts to calculate the cash I'm spending and restricts my activities. It's not exactly game-breaking, as I can move forward two panes and return my cash to $10,000 (but never anything higher than $10,000 unless there's a trailing $125 or $450 or such already), then go backwards two panes and set up the tools again, but this adds a lot of time when trying to reset the entire map to a blank layout. I've never seen this bug before and want to know if there's any way to fix the editor so it's not trying to spend cash; imagine if I was creating a new scenario for RCT2 and I did a bunch of work, then ran into the problem without a park entrance. I can't build a park entrance and I can't move forward, at which point it then becomes game-breaking.