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Thread: Poll: more communication or happy with actual level

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    Question Poll: more communication or happy with actual level

    I really hope the game will be great at the end as everyone here. But for the moment, we don't really know and seen a lot about features, except from coaster builder. But there's so much other core feature we don't have a lot of information. I really would like to see more communication from the team. The game is delay early 2016. It's just some months from now, so it would be great to see more about peeps, management, UGC, etc.

    A weekly update and more information about features, footage, etc. would be great. Furthermore, it would keep the interest. Because having the game and beta delayed is a good decision to show more about game with less bugs and more development, but we should also be able to know and see more about the game that will come in some months.

    In summary, do you think more communication from the team would be great or are you ok with the actual level of communication?

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    communication is DIRE

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    more. as much as they can/want to reveal without "giving away" too much to the competition and without jeopardizing the progress of development. communication is the only way to keep us engaged and, might i say, pay respect to this rich, extraordinary community. it should be a healthy give and take and shouldn't take a backseat.

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    All we need is a big announcement, that will just clear things up and show all the important stuff we should know. They should just show what they have and how the game looks like. I want to see park full of peeps, some pre-made scenario and reveal of the management aspects. Because as for now, they are trying to sell me a coaster builder, but that´s what NoLimits does quite well. I wanna buy a tycoon game, so show me these aspects...

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