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Thread: Roller Coaster Station Entrance/Exit

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    On top of this I would like to see multiple stations to be used, one to unload people, and the other to load them. Just like the Millennium Force at Cedar Point.

    Go to about 2.15 in the video if you want to skip the ride. And you will see what I'm talking about.

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    Quote Originally Posted by S1m0nde View Post
    I know both: coasters with entrance and exit on different sides and coasters that have a section for the exit and one for the entrance. The last option is great if you have multiple waggons on the track. So one is filled and leaves the station for the ride while the other finishes the track, peeps get out and then the waggon rolls to the entrance part.
    I made a picture. So in my opinion both should be an option!

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    Yeah we definitely need something like this.

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    I have an idea. I think that they should allow people to customize stations in this way (and other ways) to their liking. People could put the exit/entrance on the same or opposite sides of the station. Or even customize the entire station!

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    i think we should be able to place the que and exits at our own discretion.Unless they change it in the final release, the flat rides have premade que and exits.Even some of the flat rides u cant even add a path from the exit so hopefully they found these as well

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    I support customability 100%

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    They need to add a station that simply a floor. Like it's not asking for to much. Basic really.
    Also you should have the option to change the ticket boot to simply somebody standing there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JMR View Post
    I have been on and seen many coasters where you get off on the same side as where you have boarded. Mostly launched coasters in particular.

    Having said that, I think this is a very good suggestion, as it is much more common for coasters to board on a different side than where you depart.

    I definitely feel like the stations are too restrictive right now. Set themes, set entrence/exit positions, Etc.

    In RCT3, we could build our own station buildings and choose the position for the entrence and exit.

    I agree. RCTC3 gives you the option to make single platform stations, which will allow Racing Coasters Stations to be placed side by side and also allow short or long loading platforms. There should be more choice of coasters, such as a Wild Mouse, Virginia Reel and Junior Coaster tracks.

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    It's crazy how realism can bite back. People asked for coaster stations, and now they seem too restrictive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RCTW1 View Post
    It's crazy how realism can bite back. People asked for coaster stations, and now they seem too restrictive.
    It's not crazy. The idea of these forums is to let people have their say on what they would like see to improve things in the game. I'm in favour of ready built stations, like the ones planned for the game, but there should also be the option, to having station pieces like we have in RCT3, where you can build them to whatever length you want and to be able to choose where you place entrances and exits. A lot of people like to build their own station buildings, but it looks like that this option is being left out.

    I can't see anything wrong with the way coasters are built in RCT3, except that we will now have the option to have free form track, instead of just set pieces and curves. The only improvement over RCT3 I can see is that you can build more free form instead of having to stick to the straight lines grid system. I was hoping that RCTW would have left RCT3 more or less as it is, but without being restricted to building paths and everything in straight lines.

    Being able to build coasters and paths in free form is a big jump forward for RCTW, but lets have some freedom of choosing how we want to build our roller coaster stations, instead of just having ready built buildings with fixed entrances and exits.

    RCT3 is a great game and with some of the improvements that are being built into RCTW would have been the icing on the cake and could have been even better.

    But when it comes to Roller Coaster stations, lets have more choice of building them, as long or short as we want and without being restricted to starting with an already built station, that limits us to how long our stations must be.

    Being limited as to what type of station you can build is going backwards, not forwards. And what about being able to make your own station buildings? It looks like all the building pieces have been dropped from this game. Are we going to be able to build different themes in our parks? I think most people want the same freedom of RCT3 when it comes to designing their parks, with the improved way of building paths and coasters, rather than having set built Roller Coaster stations.The only improvement I have seen in RCTW. so far is being able to build coasters and paths free form, thus getting rid of the limited grid system and improvements to the look of the Peeps, which look too cartoon like in RCT3. Oh and the graphics, obviously are better, due to improved advances in technology.
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    I think the pre-built coaster station they have shown so far are going to over shadow the small Junior coaster you build for the younger kids that come to your park. Those stations would take up most of the room in the area you have set aside for your kiddie land if you have one in your park.
    Not every coaster in a park is for Adults/Teens.

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