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Thread: I want an open BETA until release

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    I'd love to sign up for a closed beta, but the question is, how would they decide who get's to participate?

    One thing that puzzles me is that, the Pax Development build was highly praised, and yet the Coaster Builder weekend was not as well accepted.
    Makes me wonder how different people's minds would be if we all did the Pax version.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RCTW1 View Post
    I would rather it be closed beta. A lot of people misused the beta.
    I agree. Even Atari misused the beta by using it as an incentive to generate pre-orders even though access to it was too short and late to be truly effective. On top of that what they released as a beta was nowhere near beta stage of development. That is a lot of misuse indeed.

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    Its going to be hard, because as soon as you release something to the mass people. Your releasing the game to hundreds of thousands of people, and not everyone is going to be able to use the spline editor because of complexity reasons, or because they just don't want to learn it (lazy). Its hard to develop anything and please that many people. A closed beta would be good if you are able to find the right people. Especially if you are wanting to have good feedback about how they felt about the game and so forth.
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    I have longed lobbied and posted for a closed BETA. Sorry that some have paid for a pre-order thinking that one of the rewards would be to participate in a BETA on the 2 weekends, but as I have said before this is a disservice to the BETA process. Not only that, I think now, after seeing the results of weekend 1, a disservice to all who bought based on it being a reward for pre-ordering.

    The game clearly needs BETA-Testing, and that, I believe, still, should be by qualified members of the community who are going to sign NDAs and not post vidoes to YouTube of features that are not yet finished, but are still very much in development or need to be reworked.

    A good solid BETA Testing process will only make a stronger game for the entire community.

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