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Thread: Pre made coasters?

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    Pre made coasters?

    I've got all the roller coaster games (which I still play!) and I'm thinking of getting this one in December, but before I do can anyone tell me if there are pre made coasters like in the other games? I'm not one for making coasters myself and enjoy more of the management aspect than coaster building. I've looked around but I cant find any info on this other than the flat rides.

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    there will be :-) There is a thing that looks like a lighthouse to the right of the coaster types called blueprints.. In the beta it was not there but in the final game there will be pre made coasters.. Also, the community will create crazy coasters.. So you are all good!

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    Awesome! Thanks Airboss.

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    np :-) I am excited to see what the community creates!

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