I've had dreams, literal dreams, of exotically themed rides. Where every little section is detailed. From the queue fence, the queue path texture with a special symbol, image, or ancient form of text placed in very specific locations. Because the atmosphere of the ride starts with the theme and is enhanced while waiting in line. Then having a specially made ride boarding and unloading station where you might board in one area and unload in a different area. Maybe the ride will have three boarding areas and three unloading areas where a computer fills the next vacant load or unload station with the next car. Thus allowing the ride to run a little smoother and more efficiently. Sort of like a real ride in a real park. The ride station would also be fully customizable in concern with turn styles, operator positions, operator controls, station breaks and push wheels, station theme lighting, station music and sounds, animation characters, fog, mist, water features, scrolling text signs, video displays, and an animated car tracking system that guests can watch.

I'd like the ability to build a ride station from the ground up. Even if it's in its own builder with some basic pre-made parts to snap in like the track and brakes, que paths and turnstiles, operator npc paths, ride controls, and what ever else. But also allow for someone to create their own textures to implement into their station design.

I know, it would be really complicated to design a system like this. You'd have to practically put a 3D design program into the game. But it would be wonderful if the option was available. People could make the cutest Hello Kitty or Pokemon themed ride stations to put into their parks.