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Thread: Accelerator coaster: Make the catapult a mechanical element instead of a static piece

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    Accelerator coaster: Make the catapult a mechanical element instead of a static piece

    My problem is that the catapult section of the accelerator coaster is right in the beginning and static, which limits the player in a stupid, boring way. It's not that realistic either, real coasters can have them a bit further down the coaster rather than just at the start.

    As you see in the picture, the catapult section is static at the beginning of the coaster. My suggestion is to let the user select the catapult as a regular mechanical element, just like when they add a liftchain or brakes. By doing this they can place the catapult wherever they want, and select the length of it.

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    Agreed, this would be much appreciated.

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    Agreed. Just like Kingda Ka or Top Thrill Dragster, the catapult section is almost the entire length before the hill. Would be nice to be able to select how fast AND how long it will take to reach that speed. ie: 120mpg in 3sec.

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    Agreed. This doesn't seem like something very hard to fix either.

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    Also, the launch segments on the coaster should be at around a 5% slope. However it is currently impossible to make a straight piece of track at any angle other than in 15 degree intervals.

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    Agreed. I'd like the length to be adjustable.

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    Thats what I want in the game too. And the acceleration piece is really short and thats a bit unrealistic...

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    I think of the Rockin' RollerCoaster in Disneys Hollywood Studios when I think accelerator. It goes around a bend, pauses you, drops the countdown and then blasts you off. That element on the accelerator would really allow the user to stage a launch in a fun way.

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    I'd also like to second this, but most importantly mentioning that more than one section should be allowed per coaster. I have Cheetah Hunt at Busch Gardens in mind when saying this.

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    Cheetah Hunt looks awesome. I just watched a Youtube POV and yes we need this in the game!

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