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Thread: Predisscusion( Blog Post #23)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe Android View Post
    This is a huge lack of respect.

    We, after the disaster of the BETA, we deserved a blog earlier this week, as well he said, and not wait so long.

    Please try to grow up!! You all criticize the developer/distributor when games are rushed out, but when they try to take their time doing something right! THAT'S WRONG TOO!

    In no way was the beta 1 a disaster, they asked us to provide feedback for the coaster builder, some (like me) enjoyed it, but would love the ability to snap in a straight line! They've now gotten this feedback, only time. and this blog post. will tell if they've decided to fix the issues!

    Since we might have played an older build, and considering they've did tell us the load time would be long during this beta, but not in the final release! Why do people expect complex games looking good with amazing physics... Then when all this complexity results in more and more bugs, we should all just go back to CS 1.6! It's quite hard making games for the modern gamers!

    Many PC gamers hate console gamers, but one thing is clear! If developers only had to develop for a few consoles, all these bugs would be child's play! It's the complexity of PC builds and software running that causes all these bugs to appear, 50% of the gamers may face no problems at all, 25% may be able to play with a few bugs, while the rest simply can't start the game! If a game work on one console, chances are it works on all consoles, unless you've messed with it!

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    So with the new blog post posted and so I am now closing this thread.

    Thank you all for the support!

    Executive Producer - Atari
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