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Thread: Lighting for Park/Roller Coasters

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    Lightbulb Lighting for Park/Roller Coasters

    I recently went to thorpe park fright night and when the park went dark, it was so cool how the roller coasters lit up and how different they looked. I would realllllly like if it was possible to place lights which you could direct in a direction and change the settings off to your pleasing and be placed around the park in places that you want lit up. Something similar to the mix master settings in rct3 with out the timings so the lights are just static. I think this is a part of the game that will probably get overlooked. But i think this could be really nice to have, brings the park to life at night

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    Basically having a rollercoaster Mix master, where you can play around with lights, fireworks, animations and stuff.

    Ive listed this within my chunky rollercoaster platfroms and customisation thread.

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