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Thread: Virtual Reality & Oculus Rift Support

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    Cool Virtual Reality & Oculus Rift Support

    The consumer version of the Oculus Rift isn't far off now, and I'd love to have some sort of integration into the game, such as riding the rollercoasters in VR (See this very popular Unreal Engine mod created to show off how effective it can be), and wandering around the park in first person as a peep, experiencing different rides.

    This is the main integration I would love to see, which would be more simple to implement than having Rift support fully integrated into gameplay, which would be awesome, but pretty hard to make with such early and rudimentary VR hardware that we have now. See this great video of a theme park projected in miniature on the real world, which looks like it would be like making your own little world inside the game. The whole walking around stuff wouldn't really work with how the Rift only works as a seated experience, but I could imagine just peering into the world and using Razer Hydra to grab and place objects and rides working.

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    YES! THIS! Seriously, I think that even as gimmicky as it may sound, rift support could be amazing. Being able to ride all kinds of roller coasters without having to leave home is an amazing thought!

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    I think that OR support will be a great addition, should OR prove to be an item that consumers adopt. As the first post says, it is not far off, but at the moment it is off. Theme Park Studio spent development time to put OR in their release. Occulus Rift is available to purchase for other developers at the moment. So the great majority of the gaming world does not have access to it.

    Until it is available for the gaming public and they have decided that Facebook has treated OR well and have made it the must have, that is when it should become a game feature and the devs spend time on it. What if OR is the Betamax of Virtual Reality? And it takes hundreds of hours of programmers time to make work and debug? Then Sony, for instance, releases the VHS of Virtual Reality and that takes hundreds of new hours of programming.

    So IMO it is to early to pull the trigger on Virtual Reality. (What if OR goes on sale and no one buys it until XMAS of 2015?)

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    Like dwwilkin, I would wait until OR is released or has a definite timetable for release before patching in support. Once it's out there though I can see this being one of the flagship titles for the device given how people thus far have reacted to virtual reality rides.

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    I do wonder, if you are using OR, or Virtual Reality, can you build and play that part of the game, or will it only be for immersion into the park as a 3d occupant/Peep, or on a ride.

    Will you be like Michael Douglas in Disclosure when he is using Virtual Reality and shifts things about with his hand motions?

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    I think the Rift has been popular enough and has generated enough consumer interest for it to be a success in the future. even if it doesn't, early adoption in big name games is a key part to making the platform viable, and I think riding coasters in VR could be a big draw for both VR enthusiasts, and RollerCoaster Tycoon fans, as well as being a draw for the general public. So far, it's just premade demos and mods that developers have made that people can experience in VR, and I think the ability for everyone to create unique and interesting coasters that people could actually experience in an exciting way would be absolutely excellent.

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    In my opinion, I personally dont care for VR. If you want VR, just get really close to your computer screen. VR and OR will not give you the sensation that you're riding the rides and is essentially a waste of time/effort/money spent by Atari.

    I'm going to be honest. I'm about 99% sure the will not include OR or any time of Virtial Reality for that matter. And for good reasons...Although the idea seems cool VR is not quite there yet. Maybe waaaay down the road when a good amount of consumers have bought OR can we expect this feature..but for now Atari has other features to worry about...
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    Yes that would be verry nice and cool. Especially when you're in a rollercoaster.
    Maybe a combination with this

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    When asked about this, a developer of the game said ''We're exploring ideas'' 'with a smile', according to a Gamespot article.

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    Neerak, 2 questions. How much did it cost you to get your OR?
    Then, how easy was it to do so.

    This takes a consumer game, for the vast majority, into the realm of the much more expensive until it is adopted across the board. And there is no determining yet if OR will be the winner.

    When these are $19.99 each then I am all for it (Can we make it work with Google Cardboard) but if the OR is $499.99 or even $199.99, then it is too expensive for me to adopt.

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