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Thread: sound design!

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    sound design!

    i believe the screenshots we have seen so far show us that the game(RCTW) looks good but i hope as much time goes into making the game sound good. RCT2 had it down. each coaster type had (mostly) there own lift hill sounds that sounded like there real life counterparts. brakes hissed and b&m coasters would "roar" down the track. RCT3 had some OK flat ride sounds but the coasters were terrible sounding. there was a total of 2 (that i can remember) lift hill sounds. brakes didn't make any noise unless you hit a block brake. not to mention the train rolling through the track was very loud and unbelievable.

    Theme park studio is a game that suffers from looking good but the coasters sound mediocre at best. it is VERY important that sound is taken seriously in a game like this. part of the experience is the atmosphere of a real amusement park. you can not make cookie cutter sounds like you did in rct3. make arrow coasters sound like arrows. and make B&Ms sound like B&Ms make flat rides sound like actual rides. not the little spaceship sounds you used in RCT3.... i hope someone else can agree that sound is just as important as looks.

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    Definitely true! The sound is very important to me, it brings a rollercoaster to life.

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