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Thread: Special Events / Seasonal Events

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    I think does a brilliant idea, sorry I just posted a similar idea earlier and just found your post. Good thing is great minds think alike.

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    Ditto put something similar in the operating hours sticky earlier

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    Holiday in the park or Scream-O-Howl?

    If none of you people have any idea what I'm talking about, you should it's like seasonal events at parks and I'd love to see them implemented into this game so that people can have see their coasters with snow on them, I know this has been touched upon before but never mind. Leave suggestions below.

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    Halloween / Special Events

    I would love to see a special events option within the game. We all know that special events are a permanent and increasingly popular offering for the biggest theme parks.

    I know that RCT incorporated the Fireworks designer, but I would like to see a more sophisticated set up for special events, including Fireworks, Halloween, Easter, maybe even Christmas. Being able to select date ranges (I know this relates to the "real-time" debate), but also to market events is an important part of the management simulation process.

    I named the topic "Halloween" because I especially want to see "haunted mazes" in the game. I would love to be able to design haunted mazes from scratch that incorporate different themed objects, actors and custom music. This would mean incorporating trigger points within the game I guess, ie when a peep or ride vehicle passes a certain point/sensor, a prop, sound, lighting or actor is activated.

    Also, the park can be decorated accordingly with skulls, pumpkins, spooky characters, lanterns and atmospheric ambience with coloured lighting and custom, spooky music.

    What does everyone else think?

    (Apologies if this has already been covered, I did do a forum search.)

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    I don't care about holidays. Maybe some easter eggs no pun intended like for Halloween maybe all the entertainers/mascots turn into different costumes like zombies vampires and witches.

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    I think the potential is there, but I would expect something like this more for an expansion pack.

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    Lightbulb Park events

    Would it be awesome if you can create your own events in your park like sale for rides with procent or an concert for the hardstyle peeps and other cool event things

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    I read the title and thought of things like meteor showers, alien invasion, Godzilla rampage etc haha

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    Quote Originally Posted by Epic Wink View Post
    I read the title and thought of things like meteor showers, alien invasion, Godzilla rampage etc haha
    thats funny

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    Quote Originally Posted by jakemaster2003 View Post
    sale for rides with procent
    What do you mean?

    Events would be nice, but maybe bigger than just a concert or show. If there were seasons involved in the game (with seasonal weather and peep actions, like peeps won't ride water rides as it goes from Autumn to Winter and having to sell suncream during the summer), we could have seasonal events, like Halloween, Spring Break, Christmas, etc.

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