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Thread: Special Events / Seasonal Events

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    I like this idea, this would be great

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    It would be great for the people playing for the money but not for players on Sandbox mode

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    This is a great idea! It would simulate a real-world "opening day" event that could easily be programmed into the marketing and advertising portion of the management in the game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Z0MBI3KILL3R1234 View Post
    It would be great for the people playing for the money but not for players on Sandbox mode
    Why would it be bad for Sandbox mode?

    I pretty much only play sandbox and love this idea.

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    i like it. as long as it doesn't take away too much from the other rides.

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    Well I mean money status not playing status

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    Talking Special Events

    How about special events, similar to what we see like Halloween Horror nights or Mardi's Gras with bands where special tickets are sold and season pass holders and show up and for the night time only those peeps with special tickets get to attend. And we can have special vendors selling the specialized toys and gifts for the event.

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    This would be cool. Even for the official opening of your park.
    When you start the game, it should be closed automatically until it has been designed to your satisfaction and good enough for the opening. These launch events could raise publicity and thus popularity for the newly opened ride.

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    Park Events/ seasons

    ive made a similar post about this but i wanna bring this up again... RCT isnt JUST about roller coasters! its about building theme parks as a whole... it would be so cool if it snowed in RCTW and you had the option of holding a Christmas event!! or like i said before, during fall hold a Halloween event!i dont know a single park out there that doesnt have themed events! (plus im from florida and spoiled with Halloween horror nights and grinchmas along with mardi gras at universal haha but these aspects are so important in the theme park community and i really hope Atari sees this! i ONLY play RCT to make scream parks like HHN and ect. i feel so strongly about this and think they could do some amazing things with these park events/seasons! haunted mazes, watching peeps run scared or cover their faces in fear or play in the snow, sledding, photo spot at a Christmas tree!i really want this option lol

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    Lightbulb RCTW Theme nights/seasonal themes

    Are there any plans of creating a theme nights such as:

    Halloween fright nights
    Horror maze
    Horror and spooky theme in including sounds
    Horror costumes

    Easter decorations which can be put on up seasonally
    Easter Bunny costume
    Easter egg hunt attraction
    Easter Parade

    Simulation of snow
    Santa grotto
    Staff dressed up in elves costumes
    Loads of Christmas lights
    Christmas Parade

    Theses would be fantastic add-ons to the game.

    Can anybody contribute to this idea?

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