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Thread: Ride Age: Old Coasters Are Still Good Coasters

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    Ride Age: Old Coasters Are Still Good Coasters

    One thing that really saddens me about RCT3 is that older rides gets barely any peeps in the queues.

    I understand that time moves much quicker in this game than in real life; hence, the rides age fast as well. But I find it very disappointing how rides that are only 5 years old end up with about 5 people standing in the queue.

    Even coasters with high excitement rating seem to have a fast shelf-life. I put a lot of time and effort into making my coasters fun and exciting for my peeps, and realistically a 5 year old coaster would still get a lot of people in line for it.

    In this next installment, please slow down the rate that rides age- or at least make it more realistic. Coasters with high excitement ratings should be getting long queues for a much longer time.


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    i really agree with you here. hate when i spend alot of time custom supporting coasters and it may only be popular for 10 years max.

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    Same goes for RCT1 and RCT2... But yes, I agree. All rides should still be popular for much longer. And yea, spending hours to make fun coaters and see the queue line slowly getting smaller is a very sad thing.

    In the reality, are many coasters 20 years old and still popular.

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    This is a verry good idea. Maybe you can build the same ride of different materials so the cheeper materials-rides goes faster down than the expencives

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    If we were still talking about RCT3 and giving Frontier grief, this would be a coding change in Peep Pysch/Peep Mechanics. Something that we would say is a bug. Most likely overlooked because during the release cycle of RCT3 to WILD there were few gamers creating and running parks for so long to cause that interaction to come up. And then the amount of people who did encounter it, versus the time to take to program in a bug fix as the lawyers were getting involved and Frontier and Atari stopped fixing bugs in the series probably worked to see this not changed.

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    That is a very interesting view, dwwilkin. I can imagine perhaps this issue being a bug that was overlooked due to the short amount of time one would spend in the campaign parks. But, as Eliminarth stated, this has been an issue since the first Roller Coaster Tycoon, and every installment has come with a Sandbox mode so I'd imagine it was an intentional component of peep mechanics. I believe that RCT3 made it particularly visible as the queue lines are set up to bunch peeps together in the lines, as opposed to a structure of one peep at a time- making queue lines appear longer.

    But, I'm no game developer, and I couldn't say for sure what the true intentions really were. All I know is that I dislike seeing empty queue lines- particularly when the ride truly deserves more attention.

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    Yes it breaks the heart, and to be honest boggles to mind...How can these peeps not want to ride the greatest coaster in the world?...

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    I really do hope developers consider this request....

    Great post

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    In RCT 2, I've noticed that I did get a ride that if it was done well the first time, would remain popular for many years after the 5-year mark, which tells me that the roller coaster was successful, especially if it opened the park.

    In RCT 3, they may hold for 3 years. I agree, make it better than RCT 2 in aging, good rides hold for quite a bit of time longer, and some if they last 50+ years, should allow you to upgrade the equipment to keep it operational (i.e. update software, fix short-circuits).

    I also hope they consider this as well.

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    This drove me nuts in the other games in this series. Hopefully the dev team will highly consider this request.

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