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Thread: How to delete my account?

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    How to delete my account?

    Ok guys,
    as you can see i would like to know how to delete the forum account.

    Get me out of this mess

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    Same please

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    Log out and never sign back in?

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    It's not that serious. Just don't log in again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GGD123 View Post
    Log out and never sign back in?
    Ya but i would like to cover my tracks haha

    Seriously there has to be an opportunity.

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    I'd prefer to delete it, not sure why that's an odd request.

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    Why would you delete your account?

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    just because a bug testing beta ?? rly

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    This forum runs on vBulletin, you can only delete accounts through the admin control panel.

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    The RollerCoaster Tycoon Forum is a large community. If you were to delete your account, then any thread in which you participated will now have deleted posts. This might not seem all that bad at first, but it messes up the database and makes reading posts and threads difficult. What's worse if you created a thread; The entire thread would be deleted as a result. Yikes! We need your posts to remain for forum continuity.

    Members who no longer wish to remain active on the forum can "sign out" at anytime. We'd rather you stay -- but it's your decision. If you'd rather stick around or simply want to discuss "changing your username" please private message a moderator or forum admin.

    This thread is closed. If you have any questions please contact a moderator/admin.

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