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Thread: All that would make this game *PERFECT* !

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    Lightbulb All that would make this game *PERFECT* !

    First of all, sorry for my bad English, but I'm Italian, I hope you'll understand everything I'll write in this post!
    Sorry if there are some things that are written in other topics too, but I want to make a lists of all of my ideas that, for me, would make this game AMAZING!
    1. Curved Path: I'd really like if there will be some curves with different angles maybe 15,30,45,60,75,90 and with different sizes: all of this angles will have a little size a medium size and a big size.

    2. Dark Rides: I would really LOOOVE this feature! ... Real darkness in closed room, so in rooms there MUST not enter light even if it's day, possibility to use light even during the day, a dedicated coaster type for dark rides, a dark ride editor, where you can set the theme of your dark ride, some events when the train pass (for example: animatronics, particle effects, lights, lasers, doors), peeps can get scared if the dark ride is good and well themed.

    3. More "effects, decorations and... things" : I'd really like if there will be more TREES, more EVENTS for rides, more lights, more pieces of wall and door with more themes and more material and styles, more and MORE REALISTICS PARTICLE EFFECTS (fire, water, waterfall, explosions, fog, smoke ecc.).

    4. Better construction mode: It was really annoying in Rct3 to place every single wall, piece by piece. I'd like if we can select more "pieces" at once and duplicate the selection in one click.

    5.Better supports and a supports editor: One thing that is awful in Rct3 was the supports: not realistic at all. In wooden roller coasters there should be supports on the sides of the ride, specially in curves; for steel coasters there should be more V supports and, generally, they should be and be placed in a more realistic way. Also, I would like if there will be a supports editor, if you want to add, remove or change the shape of the supports. Also, in lift hills there should be stairs at the sides, like in real coasters.

    6.More realistic graphic: Yes, I would like if the graphic will be a bit better than the Rct3's, and a bit less like a cartoon... and... an essential thing: I would like if the peeps will be more realistic and ... without Hexagonal face

    7.Better Fireworks! ... more realistics and MORE fireworks and mortars for shows!... and I would like an Advanced fireworks editor that we can use without the name cheat

    8.More "freedom" in coaster editor: I would like a poweful and more customizable editor, that is much more similar to the full customizable NoLimits one, but not so much difficult for newbie users. Maybe you can choose between some slopes values (15°,30°,45°,60°,75°,90° and maybe 100°, for upside down slopes), and more than tree sizes and angles for curves, also more horizontal tilt options in curves. (I really hope you understand this because I don't know if it's right!)... maybe some new sizes for inversion etc.

    9.Sit-in restaurants: it was a big lack of rct3.

    That's it for now! I will post a reply if I have some new ideas ! I now, there's a lot of things to add and change in RCTW ... but I'm so excited after all this time!... I hope it will be a GREAT game!

    - Renaleteto -

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    Agreed, especially with 1, 2, 4, 5, 8, and 9! This has been what the fans have repeatedly ask for for years so I'll be really shocked if all this isn't there.

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    Coaster construction will have a spline system like No Limits, so you can design at any angle you please.

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    Also, realistic coaster sounds would be awesome! RCT2 had pretty decent coaster sounds.

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