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    Question Station Building

    It might be to early to speculate on creating buildings but what i liked about rct3 is that you could create the station you wanted and theme it yourself. Creating the station was just as fun as creating the roller coaster. From the stream it looks like it won't be possible as the pre created stations have massive roofs ect. I really hope that there's an option to just remove all of that and just have the barebones of the station (The track, booth, gates) and allow us to create the station.

    Also a possible feature would be to re colour any elements of the pre made stations, it did not seem like you could do that from the stream but i may be wrong.

    But the game looks amazing, even tho a little unfinished but most games come out like that these days.

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    Even if we would be able to remove most of the station's theming there would be nothing you could do with the bare station. Piece-by-piece building is confirmed to not be in the game at launch. You could place some trees around it though...

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    When did they say that?!

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    Here are all posts from Mattlab over from the "Piece-by-Piece building" thread:

    Quote Originally Posted by Mattlab View Post
    I wanted to take a second to address some of the questions I am seeing in this thread.

    First and foremost, we have full UGC scenery support at launch (as detailed in our new FAQ). It means you can create ANY type of item you want and import it as scenery – whether or not there is an in-game tool for it. In a way it is more powerful than in-game piece by piece building as it really allows you to do whatever you like. This is why we designed it that way. Our dev team is focused on creating an in-game experience that supports what you make rather than you having to make tools that support the game. This is a key point. We watch what you make and what you want to make and then create ways for it to work in the game. It’s a constantly evolving process both pre and post launch.

    This point further leads us to darkrides and enclosures. We have read your wishlist and for it to be done right we need to create a meaningful darkrides system in game but make sure that it fully integrates with and supports UGC. It can’t just be pieces that allow you to build an enclosure (although that is part of it). It must be more and it must be integrated into the simulation. It’s the only way to truly bring this feature to the next-generation level. This is why, as we have indicated before, this is slated for post launch. Not only are darkrides closely tied to UGC but we also need to see what you do first with the launch tools to better design the feature.

    So, in short, you can import anything you want into the game from the beginning. You do piece by piece building outside of the game using your own powerful tools (instead of doing it in the game), and you import ANY scenery creation into the game. You could also make a bunch of pieces and import those as scenery too. It’s a more powerful and open way to handle things and it's going to allow you to do more than ever before. Even before we launch a darkrides and enclosures feature!

    We will be talking about how this system works and providing specs on it in November, so you can start building right away even before December 10.
    Quote Originally Posted by Mattlab View Post
    If you built a themed building outside of the game you can import that complete building into the game after. So this basically allows us to focus on the importer and game itself while the tool maker companies focus on making great tools.

    In theory you could also make a bunch of walls, fences, etc and import those individually into the game but stacking them together is something we are evaluating still as part of darkrides as mentioned above. Placing them next to each other would however work and yes there is a grid for that.
    Quote Originally Posted by Mattlab View Post
    Yes, we will be talking all about UGC next month including giving out information prior to launch so people can get started on it!
    Quote Originally Posted by Mattlab View Post
    Well the stacking is the piece-by-piece component that I said mentioned in my originally reply.
    Quote Originally Posted by Mattlab View Post
    Again its important to note that this is something we are evaluating and working on as part of our darkrides and enclosures. Per my original reply in this thread. Piece by piece, darkrides, ugc, and enclosures are all tied together system wise. This is key to understand and we want to make it better than it was before. At launch we are starting with custom scenery.

    Trust me I personally completely understand the charm and detail that this allowed for in previous games!
    So in short: Piece-by-Piece building not at launch, done outside the game, imported as a whole as UGC and it will be added later with the darkrides addition.

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    Thank you for all that, i can see his point to be honest. Maybe i should start to learn how to make models so i can contribute to teh community some way

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