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Thread: Guess The Release Date

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    Quote Originally Posted by sneakysnake View Post
    The fact that it's January and theres been little publications and advertising for this with a 'promised' Early 2015 release dates scares the hell out of me. Especially when they handed off the game to another little-known company which presumably was half-way to late in development.

    And seeing what they did with RCT4 Mobile. I really have little hopes for RCTWorld atm as big of a fan I've been since the first RCT
    I've felt the same way but then I realized it was the holiday season and most people are off right now. If we get no news next week, then would be the time to really start worrying.

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    Maybe auround april or may

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    They say early 2015. And early for me is the first 3-4 months, after that it's going to be mid and late.
    So my guess will be 15th april

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    Im guessing that it will be pushed back til mid-summer :/

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    I hate to see it but I have doubts it will be early 2015. Maybe mid to late 2015. September maybe. If I were an optimist I'd say March 17th, pessimist; September 15th. Random dates I pulled out of my butt. :P

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    sometime in 2016

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    I believe it might come out this summer.

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    Late March

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    They said early 2015 so hopefully jan,, or Feb
    Cannot wait to get this game!😍😍😍

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    My guess: April, 8th, 2015

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