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Thread: Right click delete for paths, trees and scenery items

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    Quote Originally Posted by JMR View Post
    In the livestream I noticed Mattlab having to click on the deconstruction tool once he wanted to delete a segment of path.

    You can see what I am talking about if you skip 39 minutes into this video:

    Does anyone else want the ability to easily remove path, trees and scenery by simply right clicking directly on the item? (Just like we could do in the previous RCT games.)
    In RCT3, you could only right click delete in the coaster editor or in the path editor or scenery editor.. Are you talking about that? If yes, then I agree. But if you are saying that ANYTIME we should be able to right click delete, I disagree. In RCT3, to rotate, we right click and left click then moved the mouse to rotate.. Coming from RCT3, I think that many people will be inclined to do that. They could end up deleting things. I would think the best way for this to happen is if there was an option.

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    Quote Originally Posted by farmington View Post
    Perhaps many of the features people want like piece by piece building etc. are just not possible and they don't want to tell us.
    Just because skylines doesn't do something doesn't mean it can't be done.
    Unity engine is extremely versatile and can be coded to do almost anything.
    There's a little Unity game called Kerbal Space Program that has piece by piece building of spacecraft and does it extremely well, even has an undo feature and supports mods to add extra parts with full compatibility into the system.
    Not only does it have piece by piece building but it then calculates a range of physics operations (drag, lift, heat, TWR, impact, ect.) on the final build based on each piece separately. For example if you hit a part it will break off and alter the dynamics of the remaining craft.
    Its definitely not impossible.
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    what I'm finding now is when I bulldoze something it will bulldoze the wrong thing,ive bulldozed rides because I was trying to remove a path

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    Don't ride deletions require a confirmation?
    I think they should considering they can't be replaced without repathing the area and in the cases of a coaster a whole shed load of work.
    Don't want confirms on scenery, stalls or paths that would get annoying but rides absolutely need to be confirmed at least as long as there's no way to undo an accidental deletion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SleepyPanda View Post
    No, please not. Just a hotkey (del) to enable the tool would be perfect.

    A box-selection within the tool would be a nice addition.
    Support this completely.

    No scenery delete confirmation, unless it's a ride or a rollercoaster or a shop.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Knobs View Post
    Support this completely.

    No scenery delete confirmation, unless it's a ride or a rollercoaster or a shop.
    I like this idea. At first I was in favour of JMR's suggestion until I got reading all the other replies and remembered accidently deleting paths and accidentally killing a few peeps in RCT1 and angering others.

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    It would be nice to have a method that is quickly accessible to use without having to go to the ui. Right click would be nice, and maybe you could press and hold to create an area box of deletion.

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    SUPPORT +1
    you for doing your web videos. You really are in tune to what us players are wanting in the game. A+

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    Thanks for the support!

    What do you guys think of instead of having right click delete, having a spring loaded keyboard shortcut on 'B' for bulldose instead?

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