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Thread: Right click delete for paths, trees and scenery items

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    Lightbulb Right click delete for paths, trees and scenery items

    In the livestream I noticed Mattlab having to click on the deconstruction tool once he wanted to delete a segment of path.

    You can see what I am talking about if you skip 39 minutes into this video:

    Does anyone else want the ability to easily remove path, trees and scenery by simply right clicking directly on the item? (Just like we could do in the previous RCT games.)

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    I'm more worried for donlowading multiple item at once. but yea

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    I think the same way, i was disapointed when i saw we cant sell / remove things with the right click anymore. That will be great if turn it back )

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    Huge +support, that's something that's unforgetable after RCT3

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    OMG! Totally agreed.

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    I want this too. Excellent idea.

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    I would really love the right-click to delete back, as well as the option to delete multiple items at once.

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    Yes! That really annoyed me in the beta. When I placed a wrong piece of path I had to click on the bullzozer, delete the path, open the path menu again and select the right path again. A right click would be so much quicker!

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    Yes I would love to see a easier way to delete scenery items and paths for sure. That was my big complaint when live streaming and just playing in general.
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    Support !!!!!!its such a timeloss.

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