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Thread: RCTW Wishlist and Ideas Thread

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    Post RCTW Wishlist and Ideas Thread

    thought this would be a good idea, seeing as so many people are making lists of things they'd like, why not keep it to 1 thread so the forum doesn't become unnecessarily busy.

    -A creative tool for Que lines.
    -The option to pick whether trains go backwards (RCT3 had this but only with a few types of coasters)
    -A custom folder for all downloads so custom content doesn't have to go to extreme lengths to get it to work and show up in the game.
    -Some form of crazy mode for weird rides, Astro Canyon for example, I'd always wanted to see that in RCT, stuff like the Centrifuge Brain Project, Spykids 2 opening, even Theme Park World had its fun crazy stuff.
    -A Realistic mode would be fantastic, all the crazy unrealistic stuff can just not be in this mode.
    -One thing I liked in both Thrillville games was the ability to play with guests on go karts, or against them in a game, thats one thing I loved about Thrillville, it had so much gameplay with all the attractions.
    -Weird park guests, I'd like guests causing trouble and you have to give them warnings, or someone comes to write a review about your park and you have to "keep them happy" RCT3 had that baseball player, the cheerleader and it was kind of interesting seeing those rather than the same park guests over and over.
    -The whole thing from RCT3 where you could make groups, I liked making groups of my friends and then having them go around taking pictures :P
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    Good Idea!

    My wishlist

    I'd Like:
    1. Better realistic graphics of RCT3 as Theme Park Studio or No Limits.
    2. More realism for money management (more option ecc)
    3. Support oculus rift.
    4. Advance setting for rollercoaster, more option for attractions maintenance, cast members ecc
    5. A mode with the time that goes into real time (as our).
    6. People who go on attractions instead of going for a walk in the park
    7. Add a system of control points on each piece to easily manipolate in the xyz axis.
    8. Find a way for us to create objects (modelling objects)
    9. Support multi core processor.
    10. More more more option, flat ride, scenery, object, peeps, roller coaster, of RCT3!!

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    I am hoping that there will be more than 4 themes to choose from. Though i like the idea of having all the stuff you need for that theme all in one place, only 4, would suck. I would love to see the prehistoric and haunted themes come back as well, with even more scenic options and props and stuff. Being able to add wildlife as a prop would be cool too! Depending on what your theme was, you could put bats out that fly around, birds, horses, or even objects like: ufos, ghosts, witches, etc. Just what ever goes with the theme.

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    I still have the list I made when I was a kid XD
    I'll trim the crap... they were mostly terrible.
    1. Playing as a peep: I tried to emulate this in RCT3 by moving the camera around the world, but I just ended up clipping through everything. I'd love the ability to take control of, or even have your own peep that you can use to explore your, other peoples parks with, interacting with the rides and stalls along the way. Essentially, I'd love to be able to experience and interact with the park from the perspective of a guest.
    2. Mini-games: This is connected to the last suggestion, and is a bit more ambitious, but I thought the idea of being able to play the games and interactive rides would be awesome, such as playing minigolf with friends, go-karting, etc.
    3. Signs that guests read: I really don't know if signs actually did anything in the original games, apart from aesthtics and the no entry option, but I remember that I always put signs up for different parts of the park, such as a sign for the dinosaur section, or above the "food court" and I thought it would be great for directing guests to the areas they wish to visit.
    4. Light shows
    5. Cafes and Restaurants
    6. Events: Christmas, Easter ets.
    7. Seasons
    8. VR Support
    9. More versatile camera options: Such as changing the angle, easier zoom, etc.
    10. The stuff from the 2 RCT3 expansions were great! Include that stuff, especially the wildlife management and pool complex stuff.
    11. More versatility when it comes to rides interacting with terraformed land. Trying to work around terraformed land in RCT3 was a nightmare, and I would always find myself either cutting through a mountain, making it super ugly, or simply not being able to build there. I would love for rides and paths to have options to either cut into the land where absolutely necessary, or to automatically adjust the terrain to keep the it level, or to provide leeway for the ride, while still keeping the shape.
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    [QUOTE=Neerak;115][*]Mini-games: This is connected to the last suggestion, and is a bit more ambitious, but I thought the idea of being able to play the games and interactive rides would be awesome, such as playing minigolf with friends, go-karting, etc.

    i love this idea. It would add so much more to the RCT world to be able to actually try and use all the attractions instead of just watching people play them or just being on a ride. Even simple stuff like being able to walk around your whole park, eating when hungry, etc. Im not expecting a huge open world RCT, where every shop and restaraunt can be explored, but just shops and stalls here and there. In a shop it could be you looking at a counter and a store clerk. And you can choose from clothing options, to merch. And then same with food stands.

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    Lightbulb The *MUST HAVE* features that would make this game AMAZING

    These are the things I feel are MUST HAVE that are lacking in the other games that would really bring a great realistic feel to the game.

    1) Advanced Queue Lines to include "holding" or "staging" areas and "single rider" and "fast pass" queue lines.
    This is where peeps come in and are staged in rooms very similar to real life rides and attractions before being being shuffled into the next area where an operator places the peeps on the rides in placement holders depending on what cart row they are in and depending on group and taking from single rider queue lines to fill areas or where people can pay to upgrade to "fast pass" access.

    2) Tram/Transport Ride that cross onto pathing so that peeps can walk OVER the tracks.

    3) Curved Paths

    4) Bigger Shops with stock - much like real parks where there are shops that have multiple items of stock where peeps actually ENTER to shop around.

    5) Dual Track Stations much like real rides where there are double loading areas that converge into 1 track at the start and separate at the end for faster loading

    6) Realistic Rapids where rapid type rides aren't on a specific "set path" but rather can bump around and move from side to side in the path

    7) Show Times where you can set huge shows to have times throughout the day that peeps are aware of.

    8) Meet and Greet Entertainers similar to show times, but for entertainers and peeps to meet their favorite entertainer in a set area.

    9) Carnival Type Games for peeps to pay to play to win prizes.

    10) Parades! - ability to make them!

    11) Sit down restaurants - I realize this is a feature already coming but this was a definite MUST. Good job!

    These are my wishes for the new game. Some of these would really change the way the game feels and would make MANY people extremely excited!
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    My ideas

    hey all, well, for some reason i typed BED insted of Be in the topic Title.. haha

    these are my ideas, ones that i have wanted in Most Games, Other people may have mentined these in other posts but i am unsure

    1. Park Events. Stunt Car show, Stunt Man show, Park Parades ETC,
    2. Season Events (Halloween, Christmas)
    3. Snow fall (have a Weather Option for Snow for Snow themed parks)
    4. Curved Paths (option to have Corners and Curves in Paths
    5. If Possible, Funtional Car parks!
    6. Hotels, again if Possible.

    there is more but i dont want to be greedy lol

    looking Falward to this game!
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    My suggestions for RCTW - Please read!

    Hey guys,
    I have been playing RCT since I was 3 years old, it holds a special place in my heart and I have spent many long hours of fun creating parks, building coasters and blowing things up.
    While I am thrilled at the announcement of RCTW, I would like to give you guys a few suggestions which I believe would make RCTW the best game in the franchise. So in no particular order, here they are:
    • I love the themed stuff you have been showing all of us including the mascots, coasters and stalls, but please make sure you put an equal amount of detail into GENERIC themed ones. People have a tendency to be ultra-realistic when building rides in RCT, but if there are no generic coasters, scenery etc. to use, it won't give them as much freedom as they would like to build a ride, and also the clashing themes would look a little bit weird. So please, make sure there is an good amount of high-quality generic theme content in the game.
    • Make sure there is a sandbox mode. It was one of the strongest points of RCT3, to remove it would be very disappointing.
    • RCT2 had scenarios where you had unlimited funds, but regardless the scenario was still a challenge. This was absent in RCT3. Please introduce the unlimited funds scenarios again, it would add a little bit of variety into the game.
    • This might be a long shot, but a feature where you can be a guest, control your character and wander around the park and choose what rides to go on, kinda like a first person mode, would be really cool.
    • Finally, what I really believe would make this game flourish is if you added full support for the Steam workshop. For years people have been sharing their custom parks, scenery and rides on various websites, the main problem with that was it was never centralised and in some cases it was very hard to get it on the game. If you added Steam workshop support, this will make everyone's custom created content centralized, therefore easier to access and support. Furthermore, if you provided RCTW users the tools or development kit to create custom scenery, and added full support for it in the game (in RCT3 Custom scenery was kind of buggy, would frequently crash your game and was hard to find in the game itself, getting rid of all of these problems would be AMAZING), that would be absolutely amazing.

    That's everything from me, good job on development so far, I hope my advice helps you guys a little bit. I look forward to seeing the finished product! Thanks guys
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    Just saw this after I posted my thread and you already have 8 and 10! Wow, So I'm not the only one I see.

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    Great list, although I fear that #7 might involve overhauling the date system used in previous entries to accommodate it and other similar features. We need the passage of time to remain disjointed from actual peep activities to keep things moving along. Perhaps the shows can be tied to a separate day/night system similar to the fireworks in RCT3, where you would specify at what time of day they take place.

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