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Thread: RCTW Beta weekend #1 on Super Gaming Stream (SGS) youtube channel.

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    Exclamation RCTW Beta weekend #1 on Super Gaming Stream (SGS) youtube channel.

    Hello Fellow Roller coaster Tycoon players.

    We are new to youtube and are planing on doing many different videos of different games.

    This Weekend will be our second video and the beginning of our RCTW series.

    Be sure to stop by the link at the bottom and subscribe so you dont miss our beta #1 and we will be at beta #2 and our series dont end there we will also be going deep into the game also.

    When multiplayer becomes available we will begin playing with our viewers on the videos also.

    Stay tuned for more info on our channel and dont be afraid to ask questions. oh and dont forget to find us on facebook.

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    Hello, please leave a reply to this thread: and if you are going to record the game please dont use your phone. you could use Dxtory or Fraps or whatever you want but dont use phones or videocamera's.

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