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Thread: Acceptable YouTube music for Videos

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    Acceptable YouTube music for Videos

    I keep hitting this wall when making videos to share.

    Without music, the video sounds rather flat. So where is there a good repository of music to pair with the coaster videos I make and want to share with the community?

    Ideas are appreciated

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    Many people just put music on it that they like. I used to often use symphonic metal and rock, as well as cinematic music for my videos, simply because I like that kind of music.

    However, if you're looking for a random collection of free, royalty-free music if you just want to add some music to your videos for the sake of music for free without a risk of getting a copyright strike, I know of a couple of sites:

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    Incompetech but the actual ride sound I prefer above anything.

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    maybe there's something in here that you like to use. they're all free.

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