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Thread: 4 of my Wooden Coasters

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    4 of my Wooden Coasters

    Since the maximum number of images in a post is four, I thought I would choose the four best ones I've previously uploaded and see what people thought of them. The titles of the coasters are also links to their "official" RCTgo pages, containing descriptions, more images, and the option to download the track should you be interested in it. They aren't the best woodies ever made--far from it--but they get me through scenarios by being easy on the eyes and generating excellent ride ticket income.


    Cyclone Racer

    Thunder Strike

    Ice Cream Cyclone

    If you have any requests for roller coasters--steel or wooden--I can try and make it happen. I don't do recreations, but if you give me a price and/or size range and a desired excitement rating--preferably below 10 if it's a smaller, cheaper coaster--I will do my best to build it and upload it so long as it isn't too outrageous.

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    I see you like using the Twister train cars for the wooden coasters. i like these designs

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